Friday, September 4, 2009

Customer Service

About the time I feel the beginnings of a rut forming around the summer season down to CRUM's, I have a day like today. Around the end of August, beginning of September, my enthusiasm for bicycle retail and repair begins to wear thin. I feel ragged, rough around my edges. My mood can become more contrary. I find I have less time for the same questions I answered enthusiastically back in May. By this time of my busy season, I fall more into just the motions. My frantic scurry has slowed to more of a shuffle. The weight of a thousand flat tires, hundreds of mangled derailleurs, and too many wasted minutes answering questions like, "Do you work on bikes" do take their toll.

Then a day like today comes along just when I need it. A day I could have rightfully dealt with in an ugly mood turned into one of those special days at CRUM Cycles. A repair discussed two months ago and one I lost serious money and time to finally came off the stand today. And on the other stand I watched and loaned the occasional hand to a sweet Single Speed custom build. That "Niner" left the shop in the hands of a very happy camper about 8:30 PM.

The repair that seemed so straight forward two months ago turned into the repair from Hell. I spent $150 in new parts to make $90. And I drove 100 miles this morning just to secure the needed parts to lose that $60. But sometimes you just gotta suck it up and do what it takes to make the customer walk out satisfied and feeling they got what they asked for. What they paid for. It's okay to bitch about it to yourself. Whine to friends and strangers who may happen by. But in the end, handing over the finished repair without comment or even a whimper is what is important.

Doing the right thing even though it may require costs above and beyond is something I feel feeds positive wavelengths and vibes to both myself and the customer. I get to feel good about myself and know with certainty I deserve it this time.

Thanks again to Dash Jim for another picture.

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